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Condo for Sale Central Pattaya

Welcome to Central Property Pattaya, the number one real estate agent for people looking to buy condos in Central Pattaya. Condominiums in Central Pattaya are becoming more and more popular as people desire to be close to all the amenities of downtown Pattaya.

Pattaya is renowned as one of the most attractive seaside resorts in Southeast Asia, as it offers just about everything to everybody. As well as the fantastic beaches there are modern shopping malls, great theaters, superb entertainment venues, restaurants serving internationally acclaimed food, 5 star resort hotels, championship golf courses, in fact the list is almost endless.

There is no doubting Pattaya’s attractions and for people that are looking for condos for sale in Central Pattaya then Central Property can provide the solution. We have many listings for great condo units, so stay in touch with latest news and updates for all things property in Central Pattaya. You can read more about news and developments from our blog area about the best studios, one and two bedroomed apartments that are for sale in Central Pattaya.


The Developments

Central Pattaya is one of the most sought after locations in the whole Pattaya area, and it is a superb place to buy a condo. We can offer condo units in some of the best developments that Pattaya has to offer.

Some of our current condos for sale in Central Pattaya are:-

These are just a few of the great condominiums that we have listings for, we can offer modern studios for sale in Central Pattaya or larger one or two bedroom apartments in all of the best developments. To see what is available today simply contact our friendly sales advisers today.

Central Pattaya Condos for Sale

People who wish to buy a condo in Central Pattaya do so for various reasons. Some are tourists that just want a holiday studio for when they come to visit once or twice a year.

Others are families who are relocating and need more space such as a one or two bedroom apartments.

Our condo listings cover every option, and offer great investment possibilities as well. So whether you are looking to buy to rent or simply wish for somewhere to live that has long term investment potential then Central Property Pattaya has it all covered.

The Central Property Team

Our team is the difference between getting the best possible real estate service and not. The Central Property Team has been hand picked for their real estate experience in Pattaya and know the best properties, developments and locations to advise our clients.

We will support our clients from firstly identifying properties according to their brief, then arranging viewings and every stage from there to the final signing of contracts.

If you are looking for a condo to buy in Central Pattaya then the wise choice is to let Central Property Pattaya handle your affairs and soon you may be on your way to owning your new dream home.

Take the opportunity to talk to our friendly, knowledgeable team today!